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The Phoenix Plus Group Is Working With Vettons For A Brighter Future

Heartiest congratulations to Vettons for its’ successful on-line launch!

Phoenix Plus Group has invested into Vettons, a technology based company to bring you a better smart life.

Together, Phoenix Plus Group and Vettons create a better and more brilliant future.

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Mr. Ryu Junsei realised that COVID 19 is a global concern and being a caring global citizen, he has set off a mission to send aid to China. Through the China Embassy, masks and protective clothings were sent to China. Stay strong China and know that we care!
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Congratulations to Phoenix Plus Corp for being successful in attaining the approval from the Security Exchange Commission (SEC). This is another stepping stone towards the US capital market and charting the route to NYSE.
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Phoenix Plus founder, Mr Delon Fong being interviewed by Chaptersmy a local social media. Among which, Mr. Fong shared his valuable experiences along the years prior to his venture into business. Courage he built upon himself saw him taking challenges that comes in the business world. Mr. Fong believes that a strong team strengthened by running his business with utmost integrity are paramount to achieve success. Mr. Fong met an excellent mentor who provided powerful insight into turning his business to reach greater heights.
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Another trip to Japan that brings further value to Phoenix Plus Corp in capital operation.
Final briefing among the fantastic four from Phoenix Plus Corp. prior to Mr. Delon leaving for Japan. Successful people will have no time waste.
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Congratulations to Phoenix Plus Corp on it’s Grand Opening.
With a total area built up of 12,000 sq.ft, Phoenix Plus Corp is now ready to run a full fledge operations and administration. Our sincere gratitude to all our 800 guests who had come to witness the grand opening of our brand new office. We hope that you had truly enjoyed the auspicious event. Special thanks to all business partners who had put tremendous effort in ensuring the success of the grand opening. Once again, I would like to wish congratulations to Phoenix Plus Corp for achieving an impressive performance in just five years. We will strive even harder to lead all our partners to the path of US capital market and together we work towards prosperity.
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Phoenix Plus Corp relocated to a new office at located Old Klang Road, Bedford Business Park. The new office covers an area built up of 12,000 sq. ft is tastefully renovated to provide a more friendly and relaxing environment for clients and working partners.

The new office comes with VIP lounge, coffee bar counter and Gym room.
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Congratulations to Phoenix Vietnam partners on its’ anniversary!

VSUN Corp is Phoenix Plus Vietnamese Partner with an annual sales of 100 million US dollars (production of solar panels)